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As a Teacher


            Katherine Ezawa maintains a studio of bright and energetic violin and viola students in Pasadena, CA. She is a member of the Music Teachers' Association of California and has been teaching for about ten years! In California, she has taught private and group lessons, for non-profit organizations, and in academies throughtout LA and Orange Counties. 

            Before moving to Los Angeles, she taught violin lessons and chamber music in the Sassmannshaus Violin Tradition program at The Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also spent much time working with the MY(Music for Youth)Cincinnati Orchestra, which is modeled on "El Sistema," a program highly advocated by Gustavo Dudamel. 

            Katherine's main training came from string pedagogue and Essential Elements author Robert Gillespie. She was a staff member of his orchestra, Columbus Symphony Chamber Strings Youth Orchestra, for two years while in college, as well as a teacher for the annual Ohio State University Student Workshop.  

             Much of Katherine's influence as a teacher comes from her training as a violinist. Programs like the Juilliard's Starling-De Lay Symposium on Violin Studies and Meadowmount School of Music continue to shape her teaching today. Her main violin teachers have been Evgeny Zvonnikov, Piotr Milewski, and Kia-Hui Tan. 



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