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Lesson Policy


-Weekly attendance is required.


-Make-up lessons are limited to 1 absence per three months of lessons. All other absences are not subject to a make-up and are charged at the beginning of the month. At least one month notice of absence in person or by e-mail is required (i.e. August 23rd-September 23rd), and please provide at least 3 possible times for a make-up lesson at time of cancellation.


-Exception: Illness or family emergency. Requires at least three hour notification by phone in order to receive a make-up lesson. Within 24 hours of cancellation, please provide at least 3 possible times for make-up lesson by phone or email.


-Refund permissible if there are no compatible dates between student and teacher's schedule for make-up lesson. (see attendance policy)


-Kate will provide one month notice of her own absences and will work with parents to find make-up lesson times. If none are possible, the monthly lesson fee will be reduced. 

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