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(earliest recommended age: 3.5 years old)

ear training

    correct intonation (pitch)

    concept of rhythm/pulse

proper posture with violin and bow

left hand finger independence

bow division

memorization skills


note reading

basic music theory: time and key signatures, accidentals and sharps, whole and half steps

basic scales and arpeggios (in major keys: D, A, G, F, C, E, Bb; minor keys: B, E, D, G)

right hand strokes (with the bow):




right hand articulation




continued development of "Basics" 

bow speed variation

right hand strokes




left hand technique



       double stops: 3rds, 8vas, 6ths

scales and arpeggios (in major keys: B, Eb; in minor keys: A, F#, C) using Carl Flesch Scale System

memorization of longer pieces

Sevick, Schradieck exercises

Advanced to pre-college

Carl Flesh Scale System #1-12 in all keys

         includes scales and arpeggios in 8vas and fingered 8vas

         tenths, fake harmonics, and double stop harmonics

right hand strokes


       up/down bow staccato

Sevcik, Kreutzer, Rode exercises

standards of the violin repertoire

        examples: Mozart violin and piano sonatas, Mendelssohn Violin Concerto






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